30 Wonderful Picture of Darts Sewing Blouses

If you want to darts sewing blouses, there are several things you should consider. The first thing before you make the darts is to create the line as your sewing guideline. Use proper tailor chalk and notch the line later. Then, you should align the notch with two pins. One for the legs and one for the head of the line.

The next tips in darts sewing blouses are to avoid backstitch the point and tie the threads once you did the sewing. You should leave thread tails instead of backstitching them. An obvious pucker might be created unintentionally during the sewing process if you backstitch it. As for tying the threads, it is an alternative way instead of backstitching so that the thread tails are not ruining the essence of the blouses.

The last step in darts sewing blouses is pressing the ham. Make sure that you press the dart based on the pattern’s instruction. To make it completely flat, it is best to do the pressing from the wrong side. Focus on below the dart and gently tug along the line. Then, you can use ham and flat the other side of the fabric. The use of the ham will simulate the bust on your blouses.

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