30 Pretty Picture of Colorwork Knitting Patterns Free

This article will provide information about colorwork knitting patterns free. Well, let’s make various patterns by combining various colors of thread! You can develop these patterns into various items such as tablecloths, clothes, hats, bags and so on. A beautiful knitting pattern will definitely add to the beauty of the items you knit and add value to the art.

In order to make a variety of beautiful knits, you must also learn to make a variety of standard knitting patterns. This article will present some colorwork knit patterns that are suitable for you, especially a beginner.

A Stockinette Pattern

This pattern forms very distinctive long lines, which usually consist of three alternating colors. This motif is often used to make objects such as tablecloths, baby aprons (bibs), rags and scarves, essentially objects whose shapes usually consist of straight lines such as square or rectangular. The uniqueness of this knit is that you can make a shape with a curved or curled edge.

A Checkerboard Pattern

This knitting pattern starts to be rather complicated because it combines two colors of yarn to produce a checkerboard shape like a chessboard. In fact, if you only use one thread (for example when you are just learning), the knitting technique applied to this pattern will still produce a checkered pattern

A Pattern of Stitch Garter

This simple and beautiful knitting pattern is most often suggested for beginners who are just learning to make patterns. Because the process of making this knitting pattern is indeed not too complicated; enough to knit all the lines and can only use one type and color of the thread. However, that doesn’t matter because the end result is a unique and beautiful knitting pattern, with large bulge accents.

Those three colorwork knitting patterns free are good for a beginner.

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