30 Marvelous Photo of Color Knitting Patterns Fair Isles

Who loves knitting? Everyone in this world sure knows about knitting. Not to mention, knit things are always become the perfect match for the winter season. It is already become a habit to wear a knit thing when it is winter. The fun part about knitting? You can even make your own clothes or other knit things on your own.

Talking about knitting, there is one favourite kind of knitting which used by almost all of the people. That is the colour knitting patterns fair isles. This fair isle knitting is a kind of technique where multiple colours of yarns are used with some unused yarns stranded or floats at the back of the knit works. This kind of knitting technique then become popular because it gives a stunning look and extra warm. The warmness of this knitting is because of the unused yarns. They give an extra layer so the knit thing becomes warmer.

Nowadays, you can find a lot of things which used the fair isle knitting technique. Sweaters, jumper, shawl, cowl, hat, cardigan, kimono, mittens, socks, and even baby hats. While you buy all of the fair isle knitting products, you can also make them on your own. With your own creativity, you can create your own clothes and embrace the winter season using them.

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