30 Inspired Picture of Darts Sewing Skirt

Darts sewing skirt is a similar technique with when you try to make dart sewing in blouses. Making the guideline of the dart is the first step you should do with the fabric. Using tailor chalk, make sure that the dart you make is not too big as it can eat a lot of portion on your fabric. Don’t forget to cut a little part on both ends of the line of the dart.

The next step in darts sewing skirt is to put two pins along the line and at the top of the dart. Then, start to sew the line and remove the pins during the process. When you make darts in skirt, you can do backstitch to secure the sew. Be extra careful when you reach the end of the dart. Take it slow and be as detail as you can in order to make a proper dart.

Once it is done, the next step in darts sewing skirt is to press the dart after you close the thread with the backstitch. Press it based on the instruction of the pattern you use. In a skirt, the darts are usually pressed towards the center. An additional tip, you shouldn’t backstitch the end point of the dart. Instead, leave a long enough thread tails and tie it with 2 or 3 knots.

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