30 Inspired Photo of Sewing Stitches Machine

You need to know the basic of sewing stitches machine that will help you create different stitches and different pattern. Some are the basic one and some are variety of patterns innovation. Here is how you can understand to your sewing machine stitches to know.

  • Basic stitches: there is a straight stitch, straight stitches with needle far to the left, the lock magic stitch,  the locking stitch, the triple stitch stretch, the zigzag stitch, multiple zigzag stitches, overcasting stitches, knit stitch, stretch stitch,  blind hem stitch, and blind hem stretch stitch.
  • Buttonhole stitches: there are variety of stitches buttonholes that have various buttonholes types, openings, and eyelets. You can make sensor buttonhole, automatic buttonhole, keyhole buttonhole, rounded keyhole buttonhole, stretch buttonhole, and knit buttonhole, round end buttonhole, darning stitch, tracking, and eyelets.
  • Satin stitches. This is satin stitches and it created with a zigzag pattern.
  • Edge stitches. This is decorative stitches for the edges off on the fabrics. There are saddle stitches; double overedge stitch, overlock stitch, and shell tuck stitch.

By knowing these sewing stitches machine types, you can create variety of the pattern of stitches for your clothes. You also can use the sewing machines more optimal. You can get the fascinated result with the built-in stitches design in the sewing machine.

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