30 Inspired Image of Sewing Darts In A Shirt

How are you sewing darts in a shirt that will make your ordinary shirt become look unique and beautiful? There are some the darts patterns that you can use and make when you want to remodel your shirt or when you make your shirt.

  •    Bust dart. This usually starts from the side seam garment and end in the close of an apex of the bust. This dart makes the bodice from the garment becomes more form fitting look.
  •    French dart. This is the type of elongated bust dart which the dart starts from the side seam and down into near of waistline, and then end up in the near of the bust point.
  •    Curved darts. The curved darts are used to provide enough contours that needed to fit with the shape when the straight line from the basic dart does not provide it. The curved darts can be slightly stitched concave or with convex in order depend to the shape that you need for fit with it.
  •    Double pointed darts. This is darts that just like have two darts joined together in the widest ends. The one darts point toward to the bust and the other one are toward to the waist. The double pointed darts are used to giving shape to the middle of garments such as fitted jacket or dress.

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