30 Elegant Picture of Easy Hand Sewing Projects Simple

What are the easy hand sewing projects simple? Without being a professional designer and tailor, you can actually make your own handicraft projects from sewing materials. Sure, it takes time so that the results can be perfectly neat just like the experts. But whatever it is, you need to practice and try some of the following projects. Check them out.


Well, is that true that today’s people love using tissues more than a handkerchief? That’s not necessarily that way. The handkerchief is still demanded particularly if the designs are beautiful and attractive. So, the first sewing project you must do is the simple handkerchief. It is quite easy to make and doesn’t need too many materials.


After you are good enough in making the handkerchief, try to make the other easy projects. One of them is a wallet. In the beginning, the wallet should be simple without too many pockets. At least you can save your money in it.

Pillow Cover

Next, there is a pillow cover in which the difficulty level is a step higher than the wallet. In general, the method to make both is just the same. However, pillow cover needs more time and accuracy since the size is bigger than the wallet.

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