30 Creative Picture of Sewing Plushies Easy

Well, skills to make sewing plushies easy seem to have by all people mainly if they want to make toys for the children by themselves. Interestingly, plushies are not really difficult things to create. In the beginning, you may find the plushies you make are not as neat as those in the stores. But if you practice it some more times, it is getting better for sure.

There are some materials needed for plushies. They are only cloth, thread, and stuffing. Meanwhile, you also need the needle, scissors, and paper to draw the pattern. First of all, make sure to draw the animal patterns or other cute things in the paper. It is better not to directly draw it on the cloth to avoid any stain. Then, the paper is attached to the cloth. Cut the cloth off based on the pattern from the paper.

You can make around 2 patterns on the cloth and then put them together by sewing it. Remain a hole as the door to insert the stuffing. Sew the home. For the last, you can garnish the plushies with eyes, nose, and mouth from buttons and some other clothing ornaments. If it is necessary, put the yarn as the hair or hat.

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