30+ Creative Photo of Crochet Doily Patterns

Crochet Doily Patterns for the Vintage Daily Appearance

In this modern day, there are some vintage styles that are still necessary to be applied in the fashion items. Some of them are the crochet doily patterns. The patterns can be added to your shirt or skirt to make your appearance look more beautiful and elegant. Here are some of them.

Pointed Flower Crochet Doily Pattern

Bringing out the ethnic pattern of Asia, this idea is worthy to try. The flower is made by applying a special long stitch combined with the cluster stitch methods. Use a contrasting combination between the yarn for the crochet and the basic piece of clothes.

Spiral Crochet Doily Pattern

Still with the same methods, they are the long and cluster stitches but the stitching direction is quite different. You must form a total circle to form a spiral or windmill pattern. Then, put it on your dress to make it look different and unique.

Triangle Lace Doily Pattern

Similar to the other designs above, the methods used are just the same. But now, you should make some thin triangles from it. Interestingly, this idea can be made using any types of yarn as well as hook sizes. Besides, the triangles made can also be varied from the small to the big ones.


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