30 Beautiful Image of Sewing Upcycled Clothing

Making use of unused or old things are now becoming a trend. One of the most popular tricks is sewing upcycled clothing. Here is some sewing upcycled clothing ideas that you may want to try.

A new cardigan from an old shirt

Instead of getting rid of your boring old long-sleeved shirt, it is better to change its shape into a cardigan. The trick is to just cut your shirt vertically down so that it becomes a cardigan shape, sew the buttons on one side, on the other side give a hole to be able to be pressed. By using a tank top and a cute outer cardigan, you will look different that day.

A new doll from an old t-shirt

You do not have to spend a lot of money to buy dolls. Only with used t-shirts, you can modify the doll yourself according to your favorite shape and color. First, you need to prepare a picture of a doll on a piece of paper. Then, trace the image on your used shirt and cut it. After that, put the cotton in so that the doll is filled, then sew it with a reverse stitch from inside, and a cute doll is ready to accompany you sleeping.

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