30 Amazing Picture of Fairisle Knitting Patterns Jumpers

There are so many designs of fair isle pattern in the world, and all of them are lovely. However, it will be more interesting if you try to make your own design for fairisle knitting patterns jumpers because it will much more satisfying. Here are some tips on how to make your own fair isle design.

Use a graph paper

The first thing that you should prepare before start making your own fair isle pattern is a graph paper. This knitting paper is specifically designed to be proportional to the stitches that you will use. In doing this, you should know your knitting gauge. This knitting graph paper can be easily downloaded from some websites about crocheting.

Decide the size and repeat it

The next step that you have to do in making your own fairisle knitting patterns jumpers is considering the design size. For example, if you have 48 stitches around, then you can also create the 24 stitches which are repeated twice or 12 stitches which are repeated four times. After you decide the size and how many times you want to repeat the stitch, you can give some marks on the graph paper.

Give at least two colors each row

The traditional design of fair isle requires you to have at least two colors per row. If you are good at doing this, even adding more colors will make your fairisle knitting patterns jumpers look better.

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