29+ Inspiration Image of Stocking Knitting Pattern

Knitted stockings become favorite of many people, especially for their babies or kids. It is because knitted stockings are comfortable and warm, very suitable to be used during winter or cold weather. You can buy this kind of stocking in the market, or you can make it by yourself. Crochet patterns can be the option to make knitted stockings because this pattern is mostly thick. With these crochet stocking knitting patterns, knitting stocking is not as hard as you think.

First, you can use moss stitch pattern. This crochet pattern is also known as the granite stitch pattern. Moss stitch pattern is suitable for you who want to make a full knitting without spending too many knitting yarns. Moreover, you can also create colorful knitting with this pattern. The next window flower stitch pattern. If you want to make stockings for your daughter, window flower stitch pattern is perfect. It has a girly and feminine effect. You can combine girly colors such as white and pink to make the stockings look even more feminine.

The next stocking knitting pattern is puff stitch pattern. This pattern is one of the most suitable for apparels, including stockings. With a proper combination, you can make elegant puff patterns for your stockings.

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