29+ Great Image of Crochet And Knitting Patterns

Do you understand crochet and knitting patterns? The term knitting must be very familiar to the people who learn about art or people who are engaged in handicraft business.

Likewise, with the term crochet, the two terms will not be separated from the arts. But do you know what is meant by knitting and crocheting?

Okay, in this article, we will explain what knitting and crochet is and what little explanation is the pattern.

The Knitting Pattern

Knitting is one method of making cloth, clothing, knitting bags or other fashion equipment using knitting yarn.

In the knitting method only use a thread. A line of finished punctures is held in one of the knitting needles until the new stitch starts.

Knitting can be done in two ways, which can be used by hand and can also use a machine. In knitting, there are various forms of style and technique. The basic technique is to pick it up and pick it down.

There are many garment products made from knitwear, including scarves, blankets, warm clothes, bags, hats, dresses, socks, blouses, and tunics.

The Crochet Pattern

Crochet is one technique in knitting. In crochet only use a knitting needle. Knitting and crocheting, basically both aim to hook the thread through the existing puncture hole, the difference is using different knitting and needle techniques.

The needle used for crochet is usually called a lace needle or hakpen. Hakpen comes from the Dutch “haakpen” which has a hook at the end.

If you listen the word of knitting, definitely, the first thing that comes to mind is items like waistcoat, sweaters, veils, clothes, hats and the others.

Those are the explanations of crochet and knitting patterns.

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