29+ Brilliant Photo of Mittens Knitting Pattern

In this time, I will guide you learn and make the mittens knitting pattern. Do you want to know about it? Let’s see the explanations!

Tools and materials

2 rolls of light blue-dark blue blended wool yarn

one set 4/0 wood knitting needles

20 cm white wool yarn 2 strands as markers

1 large sewing needle for wool yarn


  1. Make the first node as many as 24 punctures, dividing into 3 needles (6,6,12) so that they form a circle.
  2. Create a ribbing pattern: straight stitch, breech stitch, repeat alternately to the tip, as much as 5 circles.
  3. Perform a stockinette pattern: stab straight along the circle as much as 11 circles.
  4. Right hand: 12th circle: take white wool yarn, make straight stitch 4 puncture, then take 2 punctures from needle I. It means that the first needle returns to the beginning, make another straight stitch from the beginning of needle I, with the wool thread spouting again. Then make 12 straight stitch circles.

Left Hand: 12th Circle: Straight stitch in needle I, needle 2 straight stitches 2, replace straight stitch white wool thread 4, backward again, stab straight 4 again with thread spouting. Continue with a straight stitch in needle III. Then make 12 straight stitch circles.

  1. Make a pattern for the fingertips:

Circle 25: Straight stitch, 2 straight stitches together, straight stitch until remaining 3 stitches, 2 stick together, straight stitch.

Circle 26: Straight stitch.

Repeat this circle 25 and 26 twice again.

  1. There will be 12 punctures (3,3,6), combine punctures in needles I and II, close the binding (binding off) using a sewing needle. Tie.

To make a thumbs up

  1. Pull white wool yarn (marker), you will see 7 free punctures, take 4 pricks under with needle I, take 3 puncture plus 1 puncture at the top with needle III.
  2. With II needles, take 2 punctures from the left vertical direction.
  3. Do the stockinette pattern again: straight ribs as much as 8 circles.
  4. Circle 9: 2 stitch together 5 times.
  5. Cut the 10 cm long thread, put it in the last 5 stitches, tie it, put it in the middle of the thumb. Tie it again, tuck it in.

Now is your time to practice the mittens knitting pattern.

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