29+ Best Picture of Knit Stitches Patterns

Actually, there are dozens of knit stitches patterns with different characteristics. However, there are also the ones which are simple and easy to follow. So that for you who just begin to learn knitting, you can also easily apply these patterns. The first simple knit stitches pattern is checkerboard stitch. This knit stitch pattern is one of the basic knit stitches patterns. This pattern combining 2 knitting yarns with different colors so that the checkerboard pattern can be clearly seen. But, you can use only knitting yarn if you are a beginner. Do not be worried, the pattern will still be seen.

The next is garder stitch pattern. This knit stitch pattern is very suitable to be used for a beginner in knitting. Especially for those who just start to learn to make knitting patterns. It is because this garder stitch knit pattern uses only one technique of basic knit stitches. Another knit stitch pattern is seed stitch. Just like its name, this knit pattern creates small bumps that look like seeds. This seed stitch pattern is suitable to be used to make a scarf because it produces the same knitting in the front and back side. So, which one is your favorite?

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