27 Pretty Picture of Origami Envelope Tutorial

Do you require an envelope in an emergency condition? You can make an origami envelope. You can apply the following origami envelope tutorial. Here are the simple and easy ways for making it.

How to Make An Origami Envelope

  1.    Take a piece of paper with a size of the letter. The size is about 216×279 mm. Put a piece in a landscape position for during a making process of the envelope.
  2.    Fold a piece of paper into two in a landscape. Open the fold and you will see a fold script in the center of the paper.
  3.    Stand the paper in the width of the paper up. Take the left side and pull it to the fold scrip until it forms a triangle like you start to make a paper airplane.
  4.    Take the left sides up and pull to the central fold. Fold the right parts. There are two triangles
  5.    Take the right edge of the paper, the bottom part of the triangle, and fold it to the center.
  6.    Do it on the left sides. It is readily used for keeping money or a letter.

Those are some ways of making an origami envelope tutorial. The tutorial is useful to make a good envelope.

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