27 Pretty Picture of Envelope Origami Diy

Do it yourself! Well, how do you make a unique letter envelope origami DIY? How do you manage the contents of the letter envelope? This time the article will discuss how to make the letter envelope and how to manage the contents of the envelope.

Letter envelopes can not only be purchased instantly. With creativity, you can make a unique and anti-mainstream letter envelope. In addition, some types of envelopes are also very easy and better. What are the methods and variations of the pattern? The following is a review of how to make a letter envelope.

Method 1: Square Pattern Fold Paper Envelopes

How to make this paper envelope, first fold the folded paper diagonal that forms a square. Then, fold it back into two parts. Hexagon shape, then triangle. If it’s neat, you can just put together every corner to form an envelope as usual.

Method 2: Envelope with a Rectangular Pattern

There is another version for changing origami paper or other folding paper as a unique and beautiful envelope with a rectangular pattern. First, make a pattern first of the rectangular shape. Fold envelopes, so that the shape is not merely like an envelope. After that, add cardboard or the like so that the unique envelope with rectangular pattern is ready to use and show.

Method 3: Unique Envelope with Circle Pattern

This one envelope is also not shaped like an envelope in general. You just cut the circle shapes with glass-shaped molds or bowls. Depends on the size. Then, unite the four-four circle paper. Fold the center of the circle diameter neatly. Then, a square shape envelope can be used as a money container.

Those are some ways of envelope origami DIY.

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