27 Pretty Photo of How To Origami Money

Be creative by learning how to origami money into such cute form like star. By mastering this how to origami money method, you will be able to ask your children play with you. Have a good quality time with them and effectively let them away from gadget.

  1. Create a full crease at the center width on your money by folding it evenly. After being folded, open it again.
  2. Use the crease line as control to fold both top and bottom of the right corner. Meanwhile, you only need to fold the lower side on the left corner.
  3. On the third step, lead the tip of folded on the right side diagonally to meet up the folded sheet on the left side.
  4. After folding the third step, turn around the sheet, so you can face the base now. Make sure that the folded corner is at the top left. Unfold it in this condition.
  5. Then, do folding again on the right side both top and bottom.
  6. After the fifth step, just like making an airplane, fold each corner on the side into the center where crease is. Do this for top and bottom.
  7. Turn over the money, so you can arrange the pointy faces upward. Fold the free sheet which is in bottom into triangle flap. Fold the bottom up again twice.
  8. Now, you have one part of a star. You should make 4 other parts using the same method above.
  9. After having 5 parts, now, you will be able to slot them together. First of all, you should be able to identify that there are 2 opening on each part. The opening you should use to slot each part is the big main compartment inside the full triangle.
  10. Take two parts and try to insert the long diagonal part into the big opening. When you turn it over, insert the long part that is still outside into the smaller opening.
  11. Repeat the movement to join all parts. Finally, the star has formed firmly without using any glue on it.

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