25+ Wonderful Image of How To Make An Origami Crane

How to Make an Origami Crane Easily?

Do you know how to make an origami crane easily? Origami is folding the paper and is a children’s game in Japan that has been around a long time. From a piece of paper that can be made certain shapes, such as hats, hats, clothes, etc. Origami is considered as art just like painting or music. Something beautiful created by humans. Now, complicated origami that was previously nonexistent can be made. Various countries have varied methods of making.

This article will inform you about making origami crane or stork. In Japan there is a myth when making origami stork when requested, the request can be confirmed. Although origami is made as many as one thousand and then on display. These thousand origami cranes are called “senbazuru”. There is also a tradition of giving 1000 origami storks to sick people, in the hope that the sick person can recover quickly. Well, let’s see the explanations below!

Things that you need:

Any Size Origami Paper

How to make it?

  1. Prepare a paper.
  2. Fold the paper according to the line in the picture above.
  3. Then fold the paper again in the direction as shown above.
  4. After you fold according to the steps above, your paper will be like the picture above.

Those are the way of how to make an origami crane.

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