24 Inspiration Image of Crochet Dreamcatchers

Making the crochet dream catcher can be easy and difficult, it takes extra care and patience. But, it will be easy if you make it happily.

Get These Materials!

Well, the materials that need to be prepared include.

  1. Used bracelets or anything that can form a circle
  2. Wool yarn for nets in the middle of a circle (bracelet).
  3. ribbon or rope to wrap around a circle (bracelet).
  4. Chains from used necklaces or can also use wool yarn as a necklace
  5. Beads
  6. Fur

The Instructions

The first thing in making Dream Catcher is wrapped around a bracelet with a ribbon. Apply glue when wrapped around the ribbon, so that the ribbon is wrapped tightly.

The next step is making nets in a circle. Use embroidery needles to make the net easier. Start by tying one end of the thread to the tape loop. Stretch the yarn a few centimeters down the circle. Put the thread in the stretch. Hold the end of the thread and weave under the circle. Continue to weave until the first net forms around the circle. After making the first row, continue to weave the thread between the new segments that have been slowly made. This circle will continue to shrink until it reaches the midpoint of the circle. Leave a small circle in the middle of the circle, then knot the thread.

now is the time to decorate the dream catcher with knick-knacks and feathers. Use ordinary sewing needles and threads to tie beads to the bottom of the circle.

Finally, tie or knot the chain necklace in the first thread loop in the circle. Or you can just conclude a little rope if you want to hang it in your bedroom.

Those are the instructions for making the crochet dream catcher.


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