24 Creative Photo of Begginer Crochet Blanket Free Pattern

Crocheting is always fun and it needs special skill. If you are new in crocheting and want to do a DIY project, here are beginner crochet blanket free pattern ideas you can try at home.

#1. Chunky Fan and Feather Blanket

This blanket is easy to create and comes with beautiful lace look. To create the blanket, you will need a large hook (15 mm) and weight yarn. The two tools make the blanket faster to complete.

#2. Blackberry Salad Stripped Afgan Blanket

If you need something to cheer up your bedroom, this blanket can be a perfect choice to opt. It is colorful and you can crochet it in many different sizes. The pattern will fit for a king-sized throw and baby blanket.

#3. Classic Crochet Blanket for Baby

What is more exciting than creating a crochet blanket for your baby? The blanket comes with a beautiful and elegant design. The scalloped edge shown in the pattern is fantastic and it is really easy to create.

#4. Clamshell Blanket

Among all the patterns presented here, this clamshell blanket is a bit harder to complete. However, still, you will love the result. It comes with a traditional look that will warm up your chilly nights.\

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